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As a young man, founder Soren Nielsen Skyt made his living selling knitted garments to the fisherman of Denmark. In the 1920’s he started to explore new knitting techniques that would make his sweaters warmer. He knew that the fisherman of the Danish West Coast were in need of woolen sweaters to help them bear the rough weather at sea.In 1931 he succeeded in making a sweater that would serve this purpose, today renowned as the Fisherman’s Sweater.

To this day, S. N. S. Herning knits are crafted in the same old manner, using the original machines, in the original factory. Production is very limited, and as a nod to this fact, every item is signed in hand by the artisan who makes it. We love this brand! Buy anything from S.N.S Herning, you won´t be disappointed.

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