Sale voucher and discount for Wings + HornsFASHIONSTEALS FOR WINGS + HORNS

Canada is the world’s source for so many beautiful things. Coco Rocha; The Kids in the Hall; ice hockey; Unibroue beer; Wings + horns. What started in 2004 as the in-house line for a Vancouver-based manufacturer of super-high-quality sweatshirts is today a complete and coherent wardrobe for dudes who appreciate solid manufacturing and understated design.

With basics that reflected an eye for detail and a Japanese sense of artisanship, and appealed to the stealthily style-aware. Wings + horns also incorporate Canadian iconography to set the brand apart, using leather and bead accents and native-style prints. Wings + horns has grown each season, and they’ve expanded on their top-drawer basics with a wider range of knits, fitted trousers, shoes, and outerwear that are of a piece with their vision of the Pacific Northwest.

wings + horns logo

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